Special Public Events

God in a World of Violence


Sr. Diana Culbertson, OP

Event Date: 

Thursday, April 25

Violence is not new to the world.  In Catherine Siena's day she faced violence of oppression in both Church and Society.  It was no less real then than the violence that we face today.  After centuries of violence we still struggle to find peace in a world that was created in love.  How did we become so violent?  Who are our victims today and how can they be saved?  Where is God in all of this, we often wonder.  The insights of Rene Girard help us to reflect on our tragic history and to seek a response.

Vast Universe: Extraterrestrials and Christian Revelation


Fr.Thomas O'Meara, OP

Event Date: 

Thursday, January 24

Are there intelligent creatures—extraterrestials—living on planets other than the earth? If so, what is their relationship to what Christianity claims is a special history on Earth of life with God? Would it reduce the importance of Jesus? These questions will be explored in this year's Aquinas Convocation by Dominican theologian and author Thomas O'Meara, OP.

A Presentation On Capital Punishment: A Journey Through Pain, To Forgiveness, To Redemption


Reverend Walter Everett and Bishop Frederick F. Campbell, D.D., Ph.D.

Event Date: 

Tuesday, October 9

How should someone respond to murder, and in particular, the murder of one's own child? In 1987, Rev. Walter Everett's son, Scott, was shot and killed by Mike Carlucci. In working through his pain, Rev. Everett forgave his son's killer, even going so far as to speak on Carlucci's behalf during a parole hearing, helping him to obtain early release. Since then, Rev. Everett and Mr. Carlucci have appeared togeter at universities, churches and community groups speaking about the healing power of forgiveness.

St. Thomas Aquinas Convocation


Sr. Patricia Connick, O.P., Ph.D.

Event Date: 

Thursday, January 26


Converging Theology and Science to Transform the Modern World.

Theology and science both transform our world, each in a different way. Bringing these two together will help us to powerfully transform the world for the better.

Contemporary Dominican Spirituality Seminar


Louis Mary Passeri, O.P. and Scott Steinkerchner, O.P.

Event Date: 

Tuesday, January 31 to Tuesday, February 28

Despite the untimely death of Sr. Catherine Colby, OP, who was going to offer this seminar, we have decided to go ahead with it. Sr. Catherine had chosen some great texts and we would like to use them in her honor.

However, we will have to restructure the course somewhat. Below is the new outline. Once you enroll in the class, you can stop by the Center and pick up the books so that you can read them at your leisure.

This seminar will explore important themes in contemporary spirituality, concetrating on themes that are particularly important to Dominicans and to all who seek to follow God more closely.  See attached bibliography.

Transforming Lives through Scripture and Song


Fr. Jim Marchionda, OP

Event Date: 

Wednesday, October 5

Part concert, part mission, Fr. Jim Marchionda OP will offer us a evening of music, praise and preaching.

Fr. Jim,  a Dominican priest, preacher, composer, conductor, singer, and woodwind instrumentalist, offers parish missions, retreats, concerts, lectures, keynotes, and workshops throughout the United States and abroad. He is a member of the Chicago Dominican Province of St. Albert the Great, and serves on the Provincial Council.  His music is published by and available through World Library Publications, a division of J.S. Paluch Company, Inc., Franklin Park, Illinois.  


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