John Allen Jr. on The Future Church


John Allen Jr.

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November 29, 2011 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm


Erskine Hall, Matesich Theatre

John L. Allen, Jr. will speak about his book "The Future Church: How ten trends are revolutionizing the Catholic Church." Mr. Allen is a Senior Correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter and the senior Vatican analyst for CNN.

The book comments on these ten trends: a world church, evangelical catholicism, Islam, the new demography, expanding lay roles, the biotech revolution, globalization, ecology, multipolarism, and petecostalism. Ever the reporter, Mr. Allen is not trying to predict how the Church will or should respond to these trends, but is simply explaining that these shifts will be so important that even if the Church were to do nothing, the changes that these trends represent will change the Church. It would thus be better to proactively address these changes so that the Church can guide itself towards a better future rather than becoming the victim to these trends.

Mr. Allen has spoken at Ohio Dominican before, and his address is sure to spark a lively discussion.

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