Vast Universe: Extraterrestrials and Christian Revelation


Fr.Thomas O'Meara, OP

Event Date: 

January 24, 2013 - 11:00am


Erskine Hall, Matesich Theatre

Are there intelligent creatures—extraterrestials—living on planets other than the earth? If so, what is their relationship to what Christianity claims is a special history on Earth of life with God? Would it reduce the importance of Jesus? These questions will be explored in this year's Aquinas Convocation by Dominican theologian and author Thomas O'Meara, OP.

Thomas Franklin O’Meara, O.P. did his doctoral studies at the University of Munich with Heinrich Fries and Karl Rahner. He taught at Aquinas Institute (Dubuque, IA; now St. Louis, MO) from 1966 to 1979. He taught at the University of Notre Dame from 1981 to 2002 and was the William K. Warren Professor of Theology there.

A past president of the Catholic Theological Society of America, he continues to teach part-time at Notre Dame, Loyola University (Chicago), and the Catholic Theological Union (Chicago). He has been a visiting professor at Wartburg Lutheran Seminary , St. Joseph’s Theological Institute (Cedara, South Africa), the University of San Diego, and Boston College. Among his fifteen books are: Theology of Ministry; Thomas Aquinas, Theologian; an introduction to Karl Rahner, God in the World. And just published in 2012, Vast Universe. Extraterrestrials and Christian Revelation.

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