Dominican Studies Centennial Edition

Dominican Studies Centennial Edition (August 2011) is the third journal published by the Center for Dominican Studies at Ohio Dominican University. This issues features a collection of addresses given over the years at Ohio Dominican that address the intellectual life and Dominican charism as connected to higher studies. This is the complete issues, including the articles, the dedication, and photographs. Individualarticles are also available separately in the library.

Articles inside:

  • Challenges for Colleges and Universities in the New Millennium, by Donald J. Goergen, OP, PhD
  • Let  It  Be, by Scott Steinkerchner, OP, PhD.
  • A Catholic Agenda in the Dominican Tradition: The Biblical Notion of Hospitality as the Model of a Catholic University, by Aurelia Hagstrom, STD, STL
  • The Life of Study and the Common Good, by Richard Schenk, OP, PhD
  • Thinking, Judging, Acting: The Life of the Mind and the Catholic Intellectual Tradition, by R. W. Carstens, PhD
  • How Can the Dominican Tradition Respond to the Needs of  Our  Contemporary  World?, by David Caron, OP, DMin
  • Wisdom and Light: Contributions from Aquinas to Contemporary Bioethics, by Ruth Caspar, OP, PhD
  • Dominican  Values:  Alive  to  the  Real  and  the  Possible, by Chrys McVey OP, PhD
  • Contemplative Wisdom: The Goal of a Dominican Education,  by Kurt Pritzl, OP, PhD
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