Dominican Values: Alive to the Real and the Possible


Chrys McVey OP

Through the stories of early Dominicans and contemporary Dominican interpretations of those stories, Chrys McVey offers insights into a truly Dominican approach to education and the intellectual life. Originally given in January of 2009 at Ohio Dominican’s Aquinas Convocation, this article was published in the Centennial Edition of Dominican Studies (Aug 2011).

To give a flavor of the talk, here are some of Chrys' conclusions in his own words:

Aquinas Institute of Theology's Convocation Address: “On Being a Dominican School”


Ann Garrido

This article gives  a short and powerful summary of how three key Dominican principles—pursuing truth, speaking truthfully, and being true to one another—are integral to the life of a healthy Dominican educational institution. It was given as the convocation address at Aquinas Institute of Theology in St. Louis, MO at the start of the school year in 2011.

Dominican Studies Centennial Edition

Dominican Studies Centennial Edition (August 2011) is the third journal published by the Center for Dominican Studies at Ohio Dominican University. This issues features a collection of addresses given over the years at Ohio Dominican that address the intellectual life and Dominican charism as connected to higher studies. This is the complete issues, including the articles, the dedication, and photographs. Individualarticles are also available separately in the library.

Perspectives on Truth in the Dominican Tradition


Ruth Caspar, OP


Here are Ruth's notes from her presentation, Perspectives on Truth in the Dominican Tradition: Unique Perspectives on Truth from Contemporary Representatives of Dominican Friars, Nuns, Sisters and Laity, given at Ohio Dominican University on 10 Feb 2011. This presentation outlines some significant thoughts and contributions to theology of five dominicans from different branches of the Dominican family working today, highlighting the richness that Dominicans bring to the world in their diversity.

The Future of the Church: Insights from Three Dominicans

Thomas O'Meara OP writes about three Dominicans from the Dominican past and their implications for the future of the Church: 1) William of Tripoli (1270s), who inquired into the relationship of Jesus Christ to Islam, 2) Antoninus-Gilbert Sertillanges (1920s), who looked at the roles of women in a modern society, and 3) Yves Congar (1960s), who developed a theology for the relationship of bishops and popes.

Challenges for Colleges and Universities in the New Millennium: A Dominican Perspective


Don Goergen OP

In this inaugural address of the Center for Dominican Studies, Don Goergen OP looks back at the early history of the Dominican Order and at the world we live in today to give us a sense of why "truth" is such an important issue. Goergen includes insights from authors as wide ranging as St. Dominic, Thomas Aquinas, Thich Nhat Hanh, and Teilhard de Chardin.

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