Emerging Lay Leadership in the Church


Zeni Fox, Ph.D.

Event Date: 

March 21, 2012 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm


Sansbury Hall, Colonial Room

Fifty years after the Second Vatican Council unleashed a renewed vision of baptism that led to new models of lay ministry and lay leadership in the church, we can ask, “How is that going?” Are we living up to this call? What new issues has it brought forth, and how are the hierarchy and lay people responding?

Dr. Fox will help to unpack these issues for us so that we here in the Columbus diocese might live this new reality better.


Zeni Fox, Ph.D. is a professor of pastoral theology at Seton Hall University. For over 10 years she served as an advisor to the USCCB’s Subcommittee on Lay Ministry as they developed the document on lay ecclesial ministry, Co-Workers in the Vineyard.


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